Man…it seems like springtime is baby time!  I keep seeing all these beautiful tiny little newborn babies and it makes me a bit itchy to have my own once again. 

And then my son screams from the toilet seat,” MOOOOMM!!!  I POOPED!”

The daydream is broken into shattered pieces. 

I love children.  Yes, yes, yes I do.  My children especially, because even when I get mad at them I realize that it’s okay because they’re pretty.  God forbid I ever get blessed with an ugly kid…I might have to beat them.  But more seriously, when I started having kids I was set on having at least 5, but nowadays I’m pretty sure that we will stop at either the two we have, or one more within the next 3 years.  It’s hard to justify having more children in a world where there are so many kids who need loving parents.  The long term goal is to have a house full of crazy munchkins whose parents are unable to fulfill their parental duties.  Oooh, and horses.  And dogs.  Maybe a few goats, who knows?  We’ll start working on that plan next year.  But for now, we have our own two little monsters, who consistently destroy furniture, write on walls (damn you Ethan!), and throw temper tantrums.  And blow bubbles.  And eat everything within arm’s (or chair, or stool, or countertops) length. Most of the time these temper tantrums lead to questions like this one:

Last night’s question of the evening was, “Mommy, what’s a temper?”   I quickly told my son that it was him on steroids.  Which then led to the question, “What’s steriods?” 

The moral of the story is folks…I love kids.  I love questions.  Kids + questions equals a happy me.  And horses.  And dogs.  And maybe a goat.  We’ll see.