Okay, so I’m sitting here feeling like at total loser.  Okay, not a total loser, but my husband is sleeping and I am drinking my Valentine’s Day bottle of wine all by myself.  Wish I had a boyfriend right now.  Lol.  Does anyone else out there have this problem?  I guess the lack of mystery is complete in my relationship.  Damn 7 years.

Can I just say at this moment that I am no longer liable for anything that comes out of my mouth (or keyboard)?  I just want you all to know that I have had a half bottle of delicious Pinot Noir (my favorite) and whatever I type is not just cause for civil suit.

I miss my friends.  Devyn…I miss you while I am drinking this bottle of wine.  Shit.

Cyndi…sorry I was only listening halfway earlier.  Call me tomorrow and we will have a real conversation when I am not trying to write a midterm research paper (PS, pray for my grade).

The rest of you…I miss your crazy asses too.  Yeah, I make friends quickly, but we all know that real friendship is hard to find.  Don’t worry…you will never ever ever be replaced.

I love my Amber, but haven’t talked to her in like a week.  Life is busy for both of us.

My husband…shit.  Life is completely in the way of that…I think we need a date, but hell, who has the money for a date?

My kids.  They are amazing.  They drive me nutso most days, but I am so super blessed to have two of the smartest, funniest children in the entire world.  I might be biased, but whatever.

Hey, readers.  Count your blessings…