Okay, so it’s now December 5th and we are still participating in the BlogShare from Parga’s Junkyard.  Feel free to stop on by for the complete list of blogs!

Today’s guest blogger is Lori, and she is giving us an Heirloom Ornament Tutorial.  This is such a great idea, especially for families with kiddos.  Check it out, and remember that you need to hop on over to her blog so that you can finish it up!  http://www.bleak2unique.com/

Welcome to our Blogshare…

Gather ’round, grab a chair and join me in making a wonderful Christmas memory…A Christmas ornament that can be made to fit any style or decor using almost any family treasure. Our family has been making our heirloom ornaments for over 50 years, and now I would like to share a tutorial so you can make your own family heirloom for Christmas!  ( Mouse over image below)

A Sample of what you can do!


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