Merry Christmas again, and welcome to December of 2011 at Vodka and Motherhood!  This year is an extra busy one for me, so I will be participating in a blogshare with other bloggers.  Basically, I will post a little bit of their blog, with a link to their site so that you can finish it.  I’ve got a graduation, a move cross country, and some serious relaxation to do, so don’t judge me.  🙂

Today is day one, with my guest poster teaching you how to make an Advent Calendar, which is pretty appropriate on December 1st.  Hope you enjoy!  Snuggle up with a nice cup of coffee (and Bailey’s) and read away.


As we get ready for Christmas we, as a family, try very hard to emphasize the importance of the celebration of the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. This starts at the beginning of the month with an observance of Advent, focusing on the joyful anticipation of his coming. Quite a few years ago I decided to create a countdown chart that would ultimately focus on this true meaning of Christmas. I originally saw this idea on a Christmas card and decided to incorporate it into our celebration.

I started by painting a Christmas tree onto poster board:

Have a fantastic day!!