So, I swear, I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  But let me tell you…I have been so busy.  This December, however, I am part of a blogshare.  This means that I am going to give y’all a teaser for each guest blog about Christmas.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I swear….it makes me so entirely happy and completely stressed out.  Hahahaaa….but who doesn’t right?  Right now I am in the middle of talking to my son about why he shouldn’t kick things around the room just because mommy doesn’t let him eat 12 containers of Danimals for dinner.  Ugh.  But the other night he was so beautiful as he decorated the Christmas tree and looked at his little friend Jaidon and said, “Mewwie Chwistmas, Jaidon!”  It took my breath away.  All the kids subsequently gave their little merry Christmases to each other and I was fully at peace with my life.  🙂  So…Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope that you have a blessed and fulfilled month of December, and don’t let the stress of the holidays completely make you go insane.  Drink up that eggnog, and make sure to at least snatch one kiss under the mistletoe with your sweetie.