Have you ever tried to sell a vehicle?  I am at an impasse with these buyers out there.  I have a perfectly good ’02 Nissan Maxima SE, which is in excellent condition, sans the slight crack in the front bumper (only a $300 fix, but it’s cosmetic, and lets be real here).  This car has a clean CARFAX, all maintenance records, low miles for it’s age, and is beautiful.  You be the judge….

I mean, honestly…this car is in beautiful shape.  It blue books at about 6500, in good condition.  So why the hell are people trying to give me $5000?  I’m not an idiot, but perhaps I resemble one in some past life.  I keep wondering if I’m wrong, and yet, I know I am not.  People are shitty, trying to get a deal on a car that will no doubt last for at minimum another 5 years with proper care and maintenance.

This car has been loved.  It handles like a racecar, gets good gas mileage, and never breaks down.  Sure, it’s been puked in, mudded on, driven fast, all the things that happen in a family car, but trust me when I tell you…it’s clean.  When did the world turn into a free for all where everyone believes that they can get something for nothing?  I mean, even my children know that they have to be good to receive a treat.

It could be because I’m a female.  These guys come in and act like I don’t know what I’m talking about…like I’m just a chick with no brain.  Fuck you.  I bet I could change a tire faster and better than you.  That’s right….anything you can do I can do better.  I can do anything better than you.

Anyway, somebody will come along and buy my gorgeous car.  Soon.  She deserves a good home.  Not a home where some asshole takes her value for granted.  So there.